Search Form Instructions

NOTE: Search results are displayed under the search form when the "Search" button is clicked.

Use the search form on the Home page to locate companies that offer the goods or services that you need.

You can run searches with multiple search criteria such as all companies in a certain category ("Industry Type") in one or more states or zip codes. There are seven search options that can be mixed and matched to find what you need.

Company Name:

This field will search of any combination of letters you enter. You do not have to submit a complete name. The search engine will extract partial matches as well as complete matches. The characters entered will be recognized no matter where they appear on the actual listing. In other words, a search for the word "meat" will find "The Meat Company", "Meat & Poultry Company" and "We are Meat". The search is not case sensitive.

Contact Name:

Same search criteria as Company Name.


Same search criteria as Company Name.


You can select one or more states and/or Canadian Provinces in the slider menu. To enter more than one, hold down the Control Key on your keyboard (Ctrl) and then click your selections.

Zip Code(s): 

Enter zip codes separated by commas for multiple selections. Partial zip codes will NOT be recognized. You must enter a 5-digit codes separated by commas.

Key Word:

Enter any keyword or words on this line. This will search only the "Company Description" part of each company record. Note that not all records contain a "Company Description". If you want to add a company description to your company's record, please go to the "Submit Listing" link on the top of this page and fill out a detailed listing form. NOTE: Multiple key words must be separated by a comma.

Industry Type(s): 

This slider menu contains a list of supplies, equipment and/or services by general category. For instance, to find companies offering "Packaging" goods and services, click on that category. Note: you can select multiple categories by holding the Control Key when clicking on a category.


Once you have completed a search and the results have appeared beneath the search form, you MUST reset the search categories to do another search. You can do this by deselecting a previous search option or by refreshing the search page by clicking the "Clear Search Form" button. Click the "Home" main menu page will also reset the search form.

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